NYAPT & The Cyr Foundation Marking Sixty Years of Transportation Education in 2018


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NYAPT has engaged in advocacy for student and school bus safety for many years. We are proud of our impact on many key laws and regulations that govern our school transportation in New York. We believe our efforts help to keep our children and our school bus fleets safe and secure.

As professionals, we accept the responsibility for advocating before and educating public officials objectively and honestly about the needs of school transportation. We take our role as advocates very seriously. The safety and lives of our children are at stake. We are grateful for the work of our Legislative Committee and the Board of Directors in developing our public advocacy positions.

We are aware of the need to identify and execute measures that will make our operations ever more efficient without compromising safety. Accordingly, our advocacy efforts include recommendations that enhance performance, accountability and efficiency .

Below are key documents that reflect our positions on key issues and key source documents for our members to use.  These documents begin with our overall Legislative Agenda which frames our efforts in the coming year.


2018 School Transportation Budget Priorities

2018 School Transportation Legislative Agenda


Your State Senators and Assembly Members ARE HOME THIS WEEK!  They return next Monday for the remainder of the session, which will include our Lobby Day on May 8th

We need to communicate with them while they are HOME near all of their constituents---which is you!  We need to share with them the importance of finally bringing several key school bus safety bills over the goal line this year.  The issues we have been advocating about are NOT NEW..they are long-term problems for which we have developed realistic and serious solutions.  The TIME IS NOW for them to pass a series of school bus safety bills for the children of our state.

What are we asking them to do?  Well here's the list that we will focus on for the next several weeks leading up to Lobby Day on May 8th and in the weeks that follow till the session comes to a close:

  • S.518A-Young/A.321A-Magnarelli:  Stop Arm Cameras on School Buses
  • S.2587C-Marcellino/A.208C-Lupardo:  Enhanced Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • S.2403-Marcellino/A4178-Thiele: Criminal Trespass on School Buses
  • S.6393-Ritchie/A.4205-Rosenthal: Updating of 509cc Disqualifying Crimes
  • S.1203-Funke/A.1207-Zebrowski: Increased Fines for Violations of Section 1174
    S.1064- Bonacic/A.719-Gunther 60-Day Suspension after Multiple 1174 Convictions
  • S3276-Parker/A.172-Gantt: Creates an Education Fund on Bus Safety from 1174 Fines
  • Graduated Penalties for Violations of Section 1174
    >S.6393-Ritchie/A.8623-Fahy Increases fines for 1174 when Vehicle of 26,000 pounds involved
    >S.5907-Ritchie/A.8205-Rosenthal Repeat 1174 Offenders Required to Take Driver Ed Course
    >S.5898a-Ritchie/A.8624-Fahy Double Fines for 1174 when Electronic Device/Phone Involved
    >S.5974a-Phillips/A.8565a-Rosenthal: DMV Required to Include Bus Safety and Illegal Passing in Manual and Driver Tests
That looks like quite a long list and it is.  But remember that some of these bills have been under consideration for several years and we are asking each house to focus and get them done FOR THE CHILDREN.  If we don't ask...we won't get...

SO this week, while they ARE AT HOME IN THEIR DISTRICTS, we are asking you to send a version of THIS LETTER to your Senators and Assembly Members.  Their party affiliation does not matter.  Their leadership positions don't matter.  What matters is that THEY REPRESENT YOU and YOU are entitled to ask.  Especially when it's for our children.

Send the letter via email or even Postal Mail if you are close enough for it to get there this week.  Or if you feel comfortable, DROP IT OFF to their office and maybe you will get face time with them or their staffers.  DO THIS FOR THE KIDS!

"Many hands makes light the work" (J. Heywood)

NYAPT MEMBER BRIEFING (being finalized)

* Legislation and Legislative Memoranda *

  click here (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) for a list of legislation that the NYAPT Legislative Committee has reviewed.  
The listing includes links to Bill Summaries as well as Memoranda to SUPPORT or OPPOSE those bills on which we have stated a position.

* Links to Key Contacts for Advocacy *

New York State Governor

New York State Assembly

New York State Senate

New York State Board of Regents

* Safety Issues: Board Policy Papers *

Universal Pre-Kindergarten & Transportation  Click on the text to review NYAPT's white paper on transportation issues and needs related to Pre-Kindergarten students.

Safe Schools Transportation Recommendations Click on the text to review NYAPT's white paper and recommendations related to safety and security issues relating to school buses and school transportation facilities.

* State and Federal Regulations *

We are not currently reviewing any key State agency regulations.

We are not currently reviewing any key Federal agency regulations.


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