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The Yellow School Bus is an American Icon. It is a symbol of school bus safety but also is an iconic image of American Education and our schools.  It represents safety and the best traditions of our schools and education system.  In New York State, over 2.3 million children ride a yellow school bus to and from school each day. We believe that it is our role as school transportation professionals to ensure that that the school bus ride should be a safe and secure ride.

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  • Our current Executive Director (Peter Mannella) and our incoming Executive Director (David Christopher) met on September 11th with the co-chairs of the Regents Sub-Committee on State Aid.  The meeting was at the invitation of the co-chairs to discuss NYAPT’s proposals for state aid considerations as the Regents prepare their School Aid proposal for the 2019-2020 budget period, which will be unveiled at the Board’s December meeting. 

  • In the recent report of the State Comptroller in review of the administration of transportation services in seven districts, there were several important issues referenced indicating that some or all of the districts were not in complete compliance.  We will be discussing these and other issues that arose from the Comptroller’s report in future issues as well as in trainings, webinars and conferences.  Chapters are urged to have discussions to share best practices among your members and then also share them with the Board for wider dissemination among the membership.  It takes a team!

The Cyr Foundation and NYAPT proudly gathered over 260 school transportation professionals at the Albany Marriott on July 14-18 for education, partnering, networking and sharing of ideas to keep children safe on their way to school every day!

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As we embark on the 60th year of Transportation Education we thank our Industry Leaders for their support of NYAPT and the Cyr Foundation.

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Honors are awarded at the annual Cyr/NYAPT conference each year in July.  Click star for application links found on our About Us page.

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It Starts with Us!

President's Theme

A Students Education Day starts with us, Safety starts with us and Leadership starts with us.

To share a quote with you, one I read in a trade journal years ago:  “The Doors to Education are painted Yellow”, I realize how true that is, think about that.  Without us, children would not have a safe ride to and from school each day!  

Over the past 2 years I have done my best to learn how to be an informed leader for this Association we call NYAPT, Our family.  I learned by talking to members who are invested in and belong to, this wonderful Association.  I have learned from our members who care and are passionate about what they do every day. 

It starts with us.
Each and every person in our NYAPT family needs to play a role in our success. 

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nyapt welcomeS your donations.  your support allows us to provide the information and the training you need as transportation supervisors and staff.

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